16-channel acousmatic piece
January 2022

Sixteen equidistant voices, derived from oboe, clarinet, and cello–are fixed in space around the listener. BLOCK experiments with conflict between strict formal organization and the disorganization of natural sound.

Prosthetic voice instrument [in progress]
November 2021, ongoing

Transducers strapped to the throat to transform the performer's vocal cavity into a speaker.

14-channel dispersed narrative sound-installation
Not Here

Intertwining, circular narratives emanate from found objects dispersed in space.

Ambisonic audiovisual piece for violin
March 2021
Suspended Violin

A heavily technologically-mediated audiovisual reconstruction of the violin.

Physical interface
March 2020
Gutter Synth

Prototype interface for eight digitally implemented damped & driven Duffing oscillators.