Paper Speakers

34-channel paper speaker piece
Installed / Performed
As Long as a Piece of String: Sarabande Foundation Solo Show
Sarabande High Road, London
May 30, 2024
June 4, 2024

Ideas & questions...

What music can be written for a piece of paper, as though it were a violin or piano? How is sound transformed by movement through material?

Loudspeakers as instruments or interpreters rather than reproducing machines. Emphasis on material distortions and nonlinear responses rather than high-fidelity invisibility. As a musician interprets a score, the material interprets the signal.

The desire to capture, store, and replay sounds, closely tied up with ideas around memory, mortality, and our experience of time. In reimagining sound reproduction technology as handmade – winding each coil, sewing them into paper, meticulously assembling the electronics – the speakers became personal, idiosyncratic objects.

Why these sounds? The purity of a sine wave emphasizes the distortion and variability of the paper and the coil. Working with sine waves also allowed me to focus on how vibrational patterns of harmonicity and interference within the surface of a single piece of paper affect the sound. Personal samples drawn from voice memos on my phone are stored in these speakers making them into explicit memory-objects. Voices, birds, instruments, environments emerge unpredictably among the ebb & flow of sinewaves.