6-channel plate reverb instrument
Installed / Performed
As Long as a Piece of String: Sarabande Foundation Solo Show
Sarabande High Road, London
May 30, 2024
June 4, 2024

Mirror is a modified plate reverb instrument, modeled after the EMT-140. Six microphones around the gallery space were routed to voice coils that magnetized the surface of the plate without touching it, causing it to vibrate.  

Four columns of empty staves are etched into the surface of the plate. The gesture of empty staves acts like a frame, bounding an indeterminate period of time and signifying ensuing mark-making as musical material.

Here, the only marks are rust on the surface of the steel. The material characteristics of the plate become the score. As the room resonates through steel, different perspectives and resonances are refracted and compressed into a music that re-composes the acoustics of the space it inhabits.